about - Liz Cascalheira

I started with a conversation on the phone with an old friend and how we don’t do anything fun anymore. I started in photography back in 1990 – loved it from the moment I started. Unfortunately due to a car accident it had limited me from continuing in the commercial area and I changed careers. Yet the photography I loved most was being able to capture a moment that was shared between two people or just “the something special” that I could see from someone. It was always a pleasure to see the expression in a persons face from the results of a photograph.

I look for something special about you and give it back to share with your family and friends. It is not a portrait or sitting but a feeling of expression in a photograph. I have studied at Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island School of Photography, Chamberlyn College and the Art Institute. My years of art school, working in the graphic design field and marketing field have taught me a lot about what people want and it’s simple – one moment to be remembered.

Sincerely, Elisabeth Cascalheira